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I'm responsibly engineer for Electromechanical Equipments in the Airport. I'm interesting in NDT on this moment with vibration analysis. I have 2 question
1. I have downloaded several books for example The Vibration Analysis Handbook,Machinery Vibration Analysis and Predictive Maintenance and some documents from the Mobius Institute. Could you please advise me any other book to improve my professional skills
2. Attached you can find firs reading that have been taken from the pump motor (horizontal and vertical readings).
The bearing size is NU317, the motor rotation is 978 RPM, motor operate with the VFD, attached you can find the corresponding information. To learn the profesion and improve the skills on the real equipment, please help me to do my first diagnostic...
I know it could be abnormal, that someone asking you about someting that he isn't specialist on it...


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If you mean BPFO: Ball Pass Frequency Outer-race [The rate at which a ball or roller will pass a point on the outer race]
BPFI: Ball Pass Frequency Inner-race [The rate at which a ball or roller will pass a point on the inner race]
BSF: Ball Spin Frequency [The rate at which a point on a ball or roller will contact the inner OR out race], yes I know. As I'm beginner on the vibration analysis fild, I would to hear the opinion of specialists.

Attached you can find the motor technical data plate. I would like to remind that the pump motor operate with the VFD.





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For question 1, I would suggest to read the books that are related to your own equipment, operation, maintenance in addition to the technology (like vibration analysis) that is used in your own site.

Sometimes, newcomers focus too much on the analysis of signals and do a little on the other aspects. How much is too much? How little is little?  This is subjective.

Good luck.

Regards- Ali M. Al-Shurafa  

Dear Ralph

It is direct coupled, the pump model is:SALMSON NO150 400V H31. The readings have been taken from the motor drive part (12 and 3 o'clock).


Thanks for reply, the professional opinions,questions and answers are very important for me. I'm glad to hear all the  operations. Thanks for time that you are spending on it....




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