Hey guys, I'm looking for a little help from the experts. I'm a maintenance supervisor at a food manufacturing plant and because of a corporate policy that prohibits those who order the parts (my planner/scheduler) to receive them, I have to check in parts.

We use Mp2 Access 2000 version, and I must say I'm very frustrated with how long it takes to receive parts, I really need to spend more time out on the floor doing my job.

Here is a breakdown of the procedure.

1. I unpack the box and get the packing slip
2. I do a search on the po number field in the purchase order window.
3. Once I have the right PO, I have to then click on the button near the top of the screen and "receive" the parts and enter the quantity of each if different from the ordered quantity.
4. The receiver prints.
5. I have to open Reports menu/barcode/labels/bins and open up a label printing application.
6. I have to then manually select "part number" "is equal to" "xxxxxxxx." I have to manually type in each part number as I read them off the receiver.
7. Then it prints off an abritrary number of labels without taking into account the number of parts, right now it's set at 6 labels, so no matter the quantity, every item on that PO gets 6 labels.
8. I am printing through a regular printer onto standard address labels. I have to print off one end of the label sheet, then on the next PO I have to flip the label sheet around and use the other end which means I'm wasting tons of labels because the labels in the middle of the page are rarely used.

Whew! There has seriously got to be a better way, this is how I was taught and this just seems way too ridiculous.

Apparently my predecessor used a Zebra printer that he was able to get to print everything out but ran into the issue where he would receive a bag of 60 o-rings and would just want one label for the bag but it would spit out 60 labels no matter what (or whatever the total quantity was).

Thanks in advance!

A picture of my PO screen:


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I would recommend at least using a Zebra printer instead of label sheets.

I can understand your corporate policy requiring you to receive the parts in MP2 but are you required to print the labels or could you pass that off to the planner?

For the most part you are doing it as efficiently as possible with only MP2. You should look into a barcode receiving solution but that won't help with printing labels.
When I receive parts, MP2 automatically fills in the quantity and number of labels. There are times you have to change the quantities, but all the part numbers are there. See attached. There may be something in your purchasing set up that needs to be changed.
As for the labels, go into reports, inventory, item labels. Open the receiver labels, and you can modify and change settings there. Hope this helps.


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I recently developed a solution for this problem. The client requires one label for every part except for large quantities, like the o-rings you mentioned.
This solution requires Crystal Reports.
After receiving the items, the user switches over to Crystal Reports and prints labels for all items received “recently”, normally in the previous minute. This interval can be changed, in case the user has been interrupted.
There is an option to set the maximum number of labels to be printed.
You can also set the starting position when reusing 8-1/2” X 11” sheets of mailing labels.
Crystal Reports on sale from http://www.checkoutsoftware.com/ for $298. I am not affiliated with Checkout Software, SAP or Crystal Report. Many MP2 users use Crystal Reports to improve the presentation and availability of their MP2 data.
Hope this helps,
Fleming Technical, Inc.
I have updated this solution. You can now print receive labels from MP2 with as few as 2 mouse clicks.
No new software is required.
If you require bar codes, ask your IT department to install bar code fonts on your MP2 PC.

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