It is a  culture in every company had, meaning, if something happen to the equipment the people think a time to shine, to come to the rescue and make sure to fix the equipment then it make them a hero. The company rewarding the behavior because they fix the equipment rather than maintaining it to its optimum level. Subconsciously the people will think a equipment breakdown for them to showcase their talent for them to shine.

"Failure is part of our life, if you do not fail you will never learn and if you'll never learn you'll never succeed"

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Some call it the fire fighting strategy. Always difficult when managers have no grasp of reliability based maintenance strategies or understanding of reliability.

People doing field work would always make full use of this to shine.

Need a team of management who fully endorses the maintenance KPI and matrixes, then bang the meeting table on every breakdown to erase this mentality, also they shall give the team time to complete the maintenance reliably, rather than expect fastest maintenance/repair time to catch up with OEE to cover up for the failure lost time.

Hopefully if you could either replace the management or convince them to buy-in, to kick start and support the mentality shift programme. Don't usually work if you work for a large organization with old school managers.

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