High axial vibration

Dear expert 

I faced too high axial vibration at free run electro motor after change the bearing. (6 mm/s)overall vibration

The bearing is deep grove 6318.

FFT spectrums show 1x, 2x.

I have done phase analysis as following the result 

The phase between (V1and V 2 ) was 180

The phase between (V1and H1)was 180.

The axial phase between DE and NDE was zero.

We have removed fan cover of the motor end; after that axial drop to 3 mm/s.

Pls, share your opinion.

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The resonance can come in any direction as it depends on the stiffness parameter in that direction. please provide more data like spectrums, time data, photographs so that experts in this forum can understand the problem in a better way. I agree with Walt... we need more data.....

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