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We have 6 ball mills in a cupper concentrator plant. These mills suport over two pad bearings (fixed and floating) that are lubricated with high pressure oil.

Every mill has a lubrication room with two oil modules, one for each pad and works with high pressure Rickemeir gear pumps.

Our problem is that almost all of these high pressure pumps have a very high level of vibration in some cases they reach 54 mm/s at GMF of pump gears.

Do you suspect which could be the source of this high vibration?

Pump case material is inox steel.

I would aprecciate you help.

Additional information: In our old concentrator plant we have 5- 6 mm/s vibration on similar gear pumps on our ball mills lubrication rooms. 

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It sounds like these are new (recently commissioned) equipment but with very high vibration. Despite the cause, I would recommend to involve the supplier/vendor/manufacturer/contractor responsible based on the contractual details.


On the analysis side, it might be useful to take high resolution and high frequency vibration. High resolution plots may exhibit important components near the GMF. High frequency plots may exhibit orders or other higher frequencies this HTML class. Value is components related to the GMF that may hint to the problem.


Is this high vibration level stable? Or the level varies with time/load?


Regards-Ali M. Al-Shurafa


Thank you very much for your reply. 

Well, we have already contacted Polysius for further information about these pumps problem. We are waiting for their response.

These mills have been working for 6 months and all our measurements have been trended with a 1000 hz 6400 lor even with pump vibration points.

So if my electric motor turns at 1780 RPM and the gear pump has 11 teeth, do you suggest a 300000 CPM fmax with high resolution ?

About time behavior there isn't a significant variation (for example one pump used to worked with 19 mm/s one month later with 25mm/a and three days ago with 22mm/s. 

I havent checked mills load but will evaluate this on a single mill. I didnt consider these posibility because we have these problem in all of our 6 mills high pressure pumps.

I will wait for your response

best regards

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