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I have got a doubt in the concept of High spot.

High spot is the location of the shaft that gets close proximity to the sensor. If both my vibration and tacho sensors in the same location, the angle indicated by displacement data is the high spot in the rotor. We can directly identify the location of the high spot on the shaft by tracking it in counter rotational direction.

Some of the vibration guys around me are telling that even Velocity or Acceleration phase angles could also be called as High spots.

We all know that the Velocity and acceleration signals lead displacement. Their statement is like,

Displacement high spot is X microns @ 100 deg

Velocity high spot is Y mm/s @10 deg

Acceleration high spot is Z g's @ 280 deg.

Is my understanding of calling displacement phase only as high spot correct? If yes, Can I get any ref documents which clearly mentions this?


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The concept is similar for acceleration and velocity..  One must note that velocity and acceleration are not taken at the same location, since they are on the stationary component (unless using a shaft rider). 

More or maybe less, if the displacement has a 100 degree lag, the velocity should have a 190 degree lag - except that they are not the same measurement location.


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