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As a maintenance guy I was notified about a abnormal vibration in a sewage pump.The pump was showing low running current and abnormal noise, the flow rate was also low when compared to a identical pump.And we  were planning to do a shutdown to overhaul the pump but with in a week pump failed .I had taken the vibration from the pump and compared with other pumps ,all measuring points on pump were identical Except NDE side of pump. High g and velocity was present in NDE.So I decided to take fft and Envelop of the signal. High Vane pass frequency 5.88m/s was present in Velocity FFT with harmonics and in envelop BPFO 1.61g (6324 skf) and Speed 1.06g and it’s harmonics was present .Pump is running on a VFD with RPM 994 and 3 vane impeller.So my doubt   what is the root cause of the failure ,whether high VPF lead to Bearing losseness or bearing looseness lead to VPF. When the pump was dismantled impeller was loose ,wear plate was damage and bearing casing was also damage .As I am new vibration I hope you would be able to guide me.



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