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Dear all,

          We have a large machine HPRT-clutch-motor-gearbox-pump.We are using two  drivers for running the pump.When HPRT is disengaged with clutch motor load will increase.When HPRT engaged motor load will reduce.Recently motor was replaced and solorun conducted.max-0.3mm/s.After couple up with pump started.MNDE vibration was 4mm/s with 1X indication and clutch side it was 1X harmonics when clutch was disengaged.When clutch was engaged with HPRT clutch side vibration was 5.5mm/s with 1X harmonics and MNDE side 2.8mm/s with 1X indication.Kindly please review the attachments.I have two concerns one is it may be coupling bolt looseness and other one is may be alignment disturbed because they disturbed MNDE coupling which is connected to clutch and MDE coupling which is connected to gearbox.

Notereviously clutch side readings were maximum 2.2mm/s when whole machine was running


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  • machine train: clutch and motor
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trend,spectrum&waterfall for clutch and motor
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