Documenting a bearing replacement as part of a PM makes it difficult to track.

MP2 does not have a way of automatically referring to a previous work order.
A suggestion:
Issue a separate work order to inspect the bearing and replace, if necessary. The Scheduled start date can be one month in the future. Set the WO status to Hold.
When the scheduled Start date is reached, if the bearing does not warrant replacement, the work order can be updated and rescheduled.

Work around methods to achieve what you are looking:
Adding inspect / replace text to the Task Instructions. Include your Initials and the date.
Adding inspect / replace text to the Safety Notes in the equipment record. Include your Initials and the date.

These last two methods are not ideal, requiring removal when the bearing is replaced.

Donal Fleming

We would like comments/notes made when performing a pm to be printed the next time that pm is generated.
For example, on a monthly pm a mechanic notes that a bearing is starting to sound bad, but doesn't need replacing yet. Next month when the pm is generated again we want that comment/note included on the printout.
Does anyone know how to do this?

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