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Hello Josh & Other Experts in SAP-PM

I am posting the same query as the original one for this thread. This query was posted in SMRP on Linkedin and i wanted to see what would be the opinion of the SAP-PM experts here.

" How do you code the maintenance type in SAP for backlog work orders for breakdown jobs?
There was an interesting discussion to our maintenance team on how to use the correct maintenance type code for WO's, i.e, PM01, 02... My understanding is that PM01 is for reactive work that normally due to an equipment failure, and the job is normally unplanned in your weekly maintenance schedule. But someone asked what if the the job, although it is for certain failure of equipment, was put into backlog as it's not bringing the plant down immediately. Then it becomes a planable job. But if it's coded as PM04 - preventative maintenance, it doesn't sound right, and you will lose the track of the failure event on this equipment what you would do a search of failure history by PM01. So what is the right code for it? "


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STICK TO YOUR CODING eg PM01 for corrective/reactive works such as breakdowns and PMO4 for preventive maintenance!

All types of maintenance works can be and should be planned and scheduled, either reactive/repair/emergency works or planned preventive maintenance works.

Therefore, the fact that breakdowns or reactive works have been planned and backlogged does not change its maintenance work type.
I guess I don't quite agree to the EN? standard classification of maintenance work types to breakdown versus planned maintenance. This standard should be updated, shouldn't it?. What version of the standard now?

Breakdown is normally unwanted failure except if it is a run to failure (RTF) strategy. To avoid breakdown of equipment or its function, corrective or preventive maintenance would be done.

So, unwanted breakdown is the worst form of corrective maintenance.

Thus, in our case, we use planned preventive maintenance (PPM) term to distinguish it from manually-triggered PM when necessary which is originally not planned. PPM is auto-triggered in CMMS based on its scheduling parameters.

All works either breakdown or preventive maintenance can be planned and scheduled especially when there are dedicated maintenance planners, CMMS expertise and strong adherence to using CMMS as an enabling maintenance tool.

In reality, no jobs are so urgent that they cannot be planned and scheduled for meeting safety first, quality, production and cost considerations.

In conclusion, classifying maintenance into breakdown versus planned maintenance is not quite accurate nor precise.

In short, planned breakdown which is backlogged or deferred cannot be considered as planned (preventive) maintenance and is still a breakdown as its original maintenance type.
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Breakdown/corrective maintenance can be backlogged and planned properly.

Preventive maintenance can be planned in advance and backlogged.

Thus, some organizations regard backlog jobs to comprise both breakdown/corrective maintenance and preventive maintenance. This is to ensure enough amount of planned and backlogged jobs available at hands for craftmen to carry out eg about 4 to 5 crew-week.

However, the planned backlogged jobs still retain their own respective original maintenance work type regardless of their worked on status.

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