I guess if you depend on the vibration to detect liquid carryover, it might be too late.

Depending on the machine's design and process, there could be ways to determine the liquid presence while the compressor in operation, such as:

1- high upstream drum level
2- high suction pressure
3- presence of liquid from compressor's drains
4- sudden and intermittent vibration

Regards- Ali M. Al-Shurafa

Greetings team,


Very interesting question and appreciated the answer from Mr. Al- Shurafa.

1. Centrifugal compressor is oil compressed and separated the pressure gas or air is released oil free.

2. If liquid carry over, the oil drum level increases and no pressure gas or air is released. The high level alarms of oil drum is an indication of some liquid entered in compressor system.

3. The liquid can emulsify the oil system, if that is not liquified gases.

4. If such risks are there system provided with liquid sensors/ floaters in suction line.



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