I have had one of the worst experiences so far in total. I have eaten Crestor, aka Lipidor and others in US and other umpteen copies, a statin, since my heart attack 2014 and it saves 1 new attack per 138 treated and 1 stroke per 101 treated but it invades my short term memory... and in my case it started to kill my muscles. It saves about 1.5% lifes of the treated with hi cholesterol as general and preventive medicin but 10% get muscles trouble in various degree and millions use them. So I had a 4 hour session of 1L wonder soup by IV to repress my immune system today and a up to 1 year heavy cortison treatment as a starter. So in August last year I knew no problem, in November my tracking on the phone says I stopped reaching 10000 steps per day since March I can not lift my legs w/o help of my hands when seated in a car..... I can't lift more than small things from the floor. So 80% likely statins triggered my immune system to eat my muscles. So since last month I have been thoroughly investigated by extremely competent doctors that do a wonderful job analyzing a far more complex machine than we normally work on with myriads of fault options in each and every system. So they found what's happening and I wait for the final evaluation of exactly what immune system part is eating the muscle and the lab result is in from the single lab around here that can do the analysis, just waiting for the outcome in medication terms, it may be better or worse depending if you are lucky or not.... So looking in to this world of evaluation and analyzing that have to depend on very difficult data, having a nearly unlimited alternatives to find the root cause I am deeply impressed of the workings over like 5 disciplines in the hospital that cooperated perfectly and in a very hi speed mode. How fast it did proceed to give a basic treatment for the general case and proceeding to a specific targeted solution for my specific case. If this would have been "our" industry I would be sitting in a wheel chair.

So if you eat statins of any variation and get any kind of muscle difficulty, pain, loss of power even "minimal", go see your doctor faster than ASAP, seriously I am not joking, it creeps up on you, real creepy and your body compensate automatically so you don't notice as you are busy with other things until it is real bad and get you crippled. Don't accept your doctor saying it is not possible, from statins alone sure but when it triggers the immune system to go berserk it sure is, demand a muscle degradation enzyme measurement that normally is 5 maybe 10, mine top number was 190 so far.... it is now down to 90 stable for 2 weeks but it is 10 times to high. It indicate deterioration of muscle tissue like a bearing condition value so divide by 10 to get a similar "g" bearing value..... and it is just a simple blood test nothing fancy and then you know. It may be worth it belive me. So I need a simila to a shot of grease to keep the numbers down and I got a first today it took 4 hours.

So I write this totally out of board info to try to get maybe one other person to see a doctor directly and not wait 6 months as I did as "it is for sure getting better" to spare or reduce a real ordeal. It almost never will self repair statistics say just like a failed bearing, never self repair. So take care. Your body is a complicated and delicate machine. I eat 15 pills per day currently and have 1L 2-4 hours IV infusions every 2 weeks currently. I don't wish that to anybody.
Luckily this degree of trouble is "very rare" I have no number on it though and counting the number of consumers of these things it is likely that a rare variation will be thousands of people and the found cases are rapidly increasing the doctors say at the hospital here. It is thus a new kid on the block, not yet described in the "standard books" no research, no published papers that describe it so doctors find it "interesting" like a new flawed machine design that we find....... It is not so fun to be that new flawed design believe me.

I just got a update on the actual detail lab analysis by digital wizardry and actually a human doctor on the phone as I really wanted to have a feedback like "will it run until Friday" you know, it is confirmed the statin related version of disease as diagnosed and not worse so I am started on the correct treatment since a week and no other is required so in someway I am lucky, it could be worse.....
It may improve in 2 weeks if it works as it should.
Take care.


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I do not have hi cholesterol.  My level usually sit around 150-155.  However, I have had two doctors recommend statins (I don’t remember which type.) . 

I challenged, as to the reason.  The answer was that they are shown to make people live longer.  I challenged as to someone with my levels was there data.  In each case the doctors could not defend their (likely standard advice– rule of thumb in our business) advice to convince me to take one of these.

If you don’t need it don’t take it.  If it aint broken, don’t fix it.  There is some merit in this approach.

Good for you. I neither had high enough cholesterol at or before the heart attack so I neither and actually was never adviced to take them, not that I saw a doctor that often. It was after the attack they were prescribed as a part of the standard package and the trigger level for prescription is actually lower in that case for some reason  and I did actually argue it but the doc that saved my life said that the principle afterwards is that reducing the cholesterol extend your life at whatever level you have and I did not read the long list of side effects as I thought that I would see all of them..... So I never had them as preventive measure either. Second argument that is not much discussed are that they have a inflammation reduction effect that may be even more effective in IRL but there may be other things that can give that effect w/o severe side effects or less so..... So make your decision on your life and a active choice if you can.

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