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hi, all one of our 8.4MW ID fan mounted on flexible foundation is replaced its impeller. The impeller was refurbished by third party and they did not done shop-floor balancing. The fan is not giving better response for in-suit dynamic balancing. Can any one give me information about the impact of shop-floor balancing on in-suit dynamic balancing. Can we perform dynamic balancing without Shop-floor balancing???

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This is a "Yes, but..." type of questions.

Theoretically, Insitu balancing would be the same as shop balancing if the 1X component in-situ is guaranteed to be only from unbalancing forces.

Shop balancing ensures the above to great certainty. In site, 1X components can be a summation of misalignment, looseness, or other forces than just imbalance.

This is maybe why the fan vibration is not reduced by balancing in the site, the problem can be anything else. Still, it was a wasted opportunity to dismantle such a big fan and reinstall it without having proper shop balancing done.

I encourage you though to share other vibration data to identify the problem more.


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