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Hi, I´m a senior year Mechanical Engineering Student, I´m writing this post because I need some advice from engineers with experience in tribology and lubrication for my internship project. Summarizing, the subject of the project is about studying the impact of inverting rotation of an axial Steam Turbine model 503T (two stages, non-condensing) manufactured by Dresser-Rand and how this change will impact the performance and life of the mechanical components of the turbine.

At this moment the turbine is at the workshop and repair duties are being made to allow the turbine to rotate counter wise. However I´m doubtful about whether the hydrodynamic bearings of the turbine ( sleeve bearings, tilting pad type) will be lubricated properly during operation if they were not replaced, lubrication of bearings is by oil rings by the way. 

I´ve read a technical paper about oil ring lubrication for sleeves bearings which mentions that lubrication is not independent of rotational direction and therefore bearings should be engineered for a specific direction, say clockwise or counterclockwise (there are exceptions).

I will really appreciate your comments to know whether lubrication of sleeve bearings is independent of rotation of direction, thanks in advance.turbine diagramturbine diagram2bearing direction of rotation 


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