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The Industrial Pre-Treatment Coordinator (IPP) is responsible for the performance, execution, administration, and where appropriate the enforcement of all aspects of the Industrial Pre-treatment Program (IPP).
Job Duties
• Monitor 500+ Significant Industrial User’s (SIU’s) in the service territory through sampling and inspection.
• Review self-monitoring reports submitted by Industrial User’s (IU’s).
• Oversee administration of grease removal program.
• Provide reports on data surveys and monitoring reports relevant to the IPP monthly and as necessary.
• Observe, inspect, and sample wastes being discharged to the collection system to ensure compliance with the rules, regulations, and requirements of the IPP.
• Review and participate in the development and revisions to the Program.
• Maintain files of all pretreatment actions.
• Completion of the Annual IPP report.
• Perform related duties as assigned.
• Four-year college degree with major course work in chemistry, environmental science, or civil/sanitary engineering preferred.
• Experience in areas related to industrial treatment and or handling of industrial/hazardous materials. Prior Industrial Pre-treatment Program (IPP) administration experience preferred.
• Experience with inspecting food establishments (e.g. experience as Building Inspector, Health Dept Inspector, past IPP Coordinator, etc…)
• Experience with the different types of grease traps, grease interceptors, kitchen sink drain configurations, and understand what they’re looking for
• Experience with at least some type of sampling 
• Be detailed and through with their recordkeeping (chain of custody, inspection results, etc.)
• Be efficient with time management and able to work on their own with no supervision
• Efficiency in use of data management systems 
• Above average computer, reading, mathematical, and scientific skills.
• Good presentation, verbal, and written communication skills.
• Ability to diagnose complex problems and determine remedial action.
• Ability to plan, organize, and adhere to schedules.
• Must have a valid Driver’s License.
For consideration for the position, please submit your resume to the job posting at SUEZ Careers:
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