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Hi! This is Fahad Qureshi. Machinery Engineer from a Chemical Company Situated in Karachi, Pakistan. We have four ingersoll rand compressors of model MM-250 at our plant that is used for generation of Instrument and Plant Air. We are facing frequent bearing failures in these machines. Need to determine the cause of it. Is there anyone who can help with establishing contact with IR Engineers. We tried contacting them through their authorized distributor here but to no avail. Also the authorized distributor has no technical knowledge and failed to assist in any way.

Would appreciate quick response.


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Hi! Y7. We have four such units at our site which normally gives 1 year useful life. There are number of contributing factors for failure. Dominant mode of failure is High Vibration.

Can you kindly answer my following questions:

1- Are your units direct drive rigid transmission? If yes then does these have soft starters of DOL operation?

2- What is air quality level? How frequent you are replacing air filters? Are you using filters from OEM?

3- What's the duration for separator element replacement? We are getting alarms at a period of 2 months so need to get replaced due to choking?

Please revert with answers to following questions then we can discuss few specific failures as well.



Fahad Qureshi


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