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Hi All has anyone been able to detect the inner race on a internal bearing for a suction roll from the drive side housing. I am getting readings for internal inner race. The frs. line up exactly could it be possible that it may be the main bearing

The internal is new the main bearing is used with heavy wear.


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On some of those rolls with a "pilot" bearing further inside on the drive side of the rolls we have been able to mount an accelerometer out the front side of the roll to get data on that bearing specifically. Honestly we haven't made a vibration analysis call for a bad bearing yet with the new approach. But we do seem to get a good clean reading. Most of our failures for that internal bearing have been rapid failures do to lubrication lines breaking or the pin holding that internal bearing housing breaking and allowing it to spin. 

Are you sure you have your frequencies correct?The larger outside bearing is an inner race turning bearing correct? The smaller pilot bearing has an outer race turning, this essential flip flops the expected frequencies if I remember correctly. Just an idea to double check with what your seeing in the readings. (You probably already have correct, I just always re-check my setups to make sure)

Tough to know the progression of the defect with the data that you have listed. Looking at the dates how often do you take readings? Either way the data says you have a bearing fault showing up. How are the 2 bearings lubricated? Oil or grease?  

 Now comes the age old question we always get, "how long will it last?" May need some follow up readings to help determine the timing of when that roll may get changed. The other reading you show from 26-May-18 08:58:37 looks like a much more dominant 1x jumped up also. (guessing at that lower peak)

The pattern points to that internal bearing, who know if your internal accelerometer is still attached. (Could explain the no pattern showing) But only seeing the roll come apart and inspecting the bearings will give you the full story.

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