Hi Guys, I'm looking for an IS VA data collector to work with Emonitor Odyssey 3.0

My own unit is getting a bit old and will need replacing soon however, as I'm a one man company with limited budget, I really don't want to spend too much on a data collector and would rather not spend anything on new software.

Can anyone suggest what unit I could look at?

Better still, does anyone work for a company who has upgraded to the latest hardware but may have decent second hand equipment for sale? It MUST be IS - It'd cause far too much hassle if it wasn't.

Thanks for your help

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At the end of the day: it's your business decision and one you have to live with.

I do not think you will stay with E-3.0 and will have to move up.

You may decide to stay with Entek or not?? I would suggest to take a look at all that's within your budget and make a long term decision.

Certainly I would consider what's available: www.vtab.se is a source w/options (Olov is on the board). I think also a contact is John Atkinson w/C^3 or CCubed or pocket vibrA --- a google search will get then. Getting further away from your back yard....... DMSi and/or 'opps' not on attached flash drive........... you can write me.

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