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At our fertilizer plant, Production targets are in focus and we keep to run machines as per their maximum operating load (given by vendors). However, due to temperature change in 24 hrs period and keeping plant important parameters in mind, load / speed of machine vary e.g 100 to 200 rpms changes.

Experts veteran says that changing load so frequently will cause damage to machine and reduce the life of components. My question is

- if we keep the machine parameters under vendor defined area, is changing speed has impact on components life?

- Keeping Stress Cycle / Time diagram in mind, if Stress value is low (in our case vendor defined limits) isn't OK that how many times stress cycles are applied it will not fail prematurely?

- What is the best practice of keeping turbomachines (Steam turbine - Compressor - Gearbox train) speed / load variation?

- What are the convincing and logical points for Operations / Management to avoid load changing on machine so frequently?

It will be great help if you guys answers above questions.

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