JD Edwards used as CMMS

All of our sites recently had our CMMS systems stripped away from us and we are now forced to use JDE to manage our technical/maintenance groups.

Has anyone else used JDE to manage their maintenance departments? I would be most interested in hearing about your experiences.

To date, it has been a horror story for us!
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Hi - we have been using it for about 18 months. We mostly use it to manage our WO's for PM's and other work, we don't use the scheduling function. This is done in excel. I am only just starting to look at using some of the reporting functions avalable in it due to now having enoiugh history to warrant looking at. It is time consuming compared to MEX that we used previously. Still need to tie the stores inventory to it, once that is done and set with min and max levels it will be really usefull.
I used it for 4 years after using SAP for about 6. Very restrictive and rigid to me. I did really like the ability to upload to the system from Excel and to export data as well. That said, to me, you should not have to use a second application to manipulate data. A CMMS should have that capability.
What was your CMMS being stripped away and replaced with JDE?

If indeed this has been done, the transition and migration period should be managed properly. There should be a change and immersion program implemented for all users.

Any expert or super users trained for JDE?

What are the reasons for changing your CMMS with JDE? Was it because your CMMS is a stand-alone system?

That said, the work order history, asset master data, PM plan, task list, spart part list etc. should be transferred from the old to the new system. Have these transfers been done?

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