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1. MESpeed optical speed reading from any shaft, sensor, interface and Android app
to get speed in RPM and Hz from any shaft in a speedy way w/o reflective tape.

2. MEPeak, low speed, low frequency optimal bearing condition verification tool, USB sensor and Android app.

3. MEFlux, sensor and Android app for analyzing electrical motors w/o physical electrical connection.

4 Package deal on above that include CAT Android phone with IR camera.

5. Around the corner, MERetriever a cost effective no nonsense wireless wifi monitoring system.
"No batteries included- no batteries needed" Technology, 4 energy harvesting modes, Tacho, Induction, Air flow, Vibration. Modbus over IP output, local database server with web viewer. 4-8 parameters. 2-4ch per node. Standard COTS wifi hardware incl. extenders that you can get anywhere. Unbeatable channel cost, unbeatable maintenance and operational cost...
Optional demo bundle with MEDroid 42, "the expert in your pocket" USB sensor and Android app with MEexpert the proven analyzing sys since 15 years and many hundreds of users.

Inquire your preorder options today and don't miss this opportunity to step in to the future.

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olov dot li at vtab dot se Good Vibrations for 40+ years and first vibrometer patented 1956 in US

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