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How can we do condition monitoring of Elevators especially the wearing of ropes, rollers, rail mis-alignment, ride quality, noise inside car etc. 

I do have only microlog analyzer, which can take the data of motor, gear box and sheave bearings vibrations. Also I do have Thermal Imaging Camera. How can I monitor above mentioned parameters?

When comes to escalator -  the handrails, step jerking, motor vibration etc. how does it possible while it is running?

I would be highly obliged if any one could help me.

Thank you,



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The Microlog may not be the best instrument for this application, so you will have to get creative using its features or consider purchase of a more appropriate instrument.

Search: machine condition measurements for elevators

 Ride Quality Measurement & Analysis for the Elevator/Escalator Industry

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 EVA Vibration Analysis Tools Software

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Be careful about any applicable industry standards and safety/insurance liability. If you say an elevator is OK after your measurements and it fails the next day, then watch out!



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