Can anyone recommend a good tachometer for use with my vibe analyzer?

I have seen in classes and in the field where other people have laser tachometer's that mount onto tri-pods that will function even up to 3 or 4 feet away from the rotating shaft, but I have yet to be able to find out who makes them.

I use (see picture) a laser tach that I bought from The Modal Shop and I mount it to a magnetic dial indicator base. The problem is that it is VERY sensitive to vibration of the indicator base. If I can't position the bases flexible arm in the SHORTEST AND MOST RIGID manner possible, I get skewed speed readings which is pretty frustrating.

I have used small indicator bases and gigantic ones that weigh 15 lbs.... still seem to have the same issue with tachometer vibration.

Was curious what every one used and if you could recommend something?




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A reliable source in the States is Monarch Instruments.  Some of their offerings are at and many offer extended distance.  The ROLS-Remote Optical Laser Sensor P/N 6180-029 will supposedly operate at 25 feet.  I personally don;t have any experience at that type of distance, but have used a Monarch tach at something around 10 feet.

Note that I believe that what the Modal Shop offers is actually made by Monarch.  At least that was the case several years ago.  Also, several years Monarch had some loaner units that you could try out, or at least that was the case with the buying power of BNC.

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