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Referring to an earlier post: Leading Into the Skills Gap,                                    Post by Michael Meehan CMRP, CRL, CMM 11/30/1612:25 PM

What are your thoughts now on hiring for the skills gap? Depending upon the geographical area you live in, some may say we're still in a pandemic others may say we are post pandemic.

Michael Meehan's earlier post, "Leading into the Skills Gap", is worth the read and discussion. Michael gives you some ideas on how to start, and prepare. Although, I had wished he'd included Ultrasound when he mentioned vibration and infrared, I do know his background. I have spoken to many industrial contacts in my area, who are not too concerned about new hires. But, out of my geographical area, I'm to sure about.

  • How hard is it to find personnel to fill the gaps?
  • Do you see gaps in your industry?
  • What is your plan to train new hires?

If your unsure of the last question, perhaps you'll want to review Michael Meehans' earlier post.

Hope to see everyone soon at the IMC-2021!

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