I'm fairly new to using MP2. I know the basics and am the person in charge of MP2 and figuring out new ways to implement it into the company I work for. I'm trying to set up an audit trail and after reading through the MP2 User guide, all it says is to load a sample database.

Well I did that and now I have all kinds of sample equipment, work orders, purchase orders, etc... Is there a way to get out of the sample database? I was under the impression that the sample database was a place where you could practice learning new things without messing with your actual database but now it seems I'm stuck with all this equipment that is not ours until I manually delete it all. Which could take a while to find everything that it added.

Thanks in advance.
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isn't there a training region where you can do whatever you want without affecting the actual database?

To delete the sample database, ca you not select a number of them and then click delete but can still be seen in there? Or do you really need to delete one by one?

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