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I was wondering if any other company had switched to a paperless lube route?
Right now our Lubricators are using printed lube sheets that they check off when each piece of equipment is visited and they can right down any problems that were seen in the field. Every Monday morning they turn in these sheets to the Foreman for reveiw then they are put on file.
We would like to make paperless lube routes by using a Palm device or a pocket PC and creating a spread sheet in Excel to record in.
I haven't used a PDA myself so I was wondering how feesible this may be.

Thanks for Your replies.

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Vendor Warning!

Hello Ken

Not only is it feasible, PDAs for lube route management have been used for several years in many different industries.

Typically, instead of printing each lubrication techs lube rounds out on paper, the techs download an electronic copy of their rounds from their lube management software into rugged handheld units, usually Pocket PCs.

The tech carries out his/her rounds, checking levels, doing top ups, greasing bearings etc. and marking the lube tasks as complete on the handheld. If the lube points are tagged with bar codes or RFID tags, the tech can simple scan and mark as complete.

The PDA also lets the oiler type in (or record by voice) any problems or issues he/she may notice on the round. Filter/breather changes can also be recorded on the unit.

Once the round is complete, the data is uploaded from the handheld to the lube management system, marking the job as complete.

Our MAINTelligence system and lubrication handhelds can fully manage your lubrication program - you can contact us directly at If you are an ExxonMobil customer, you have the option to access the same technology through your ExxonMobil representative.

Steve Reilly
Design Maintenance Systems

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