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Sorry about the delay in replying, I have been enjoying the beaches on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia.

The following activity types are defined in our system
ADMIN *Administration
ENG Engineering
MOD Modification
PLAN Planning
PM *Preventative Maint.
PREP Preparation
PS *Process Support
REP *Repair
SBY Stand-By
TA Turnaround Activity
WAIT Waiting

However in practice only those marked with a * are actively used.

To determine the rate we divide the annual salary of the work centre by the number of hours we estimate they will confirm during the year (Total paid hours for year less annual leave, long service leave, sick days etc). We provide standing orders for the confirmation of time spent at training and meetings. Have never been able to get it very accurate as there are too many variables most of all inconsistency from work force in confirming hours.
Some third party contractors are also confirmed with the hourly rate being based on a historical average.
I assume you are referring to the MATs.

By categorising our work orders using the MATs it assists us in focusing our attention on the more important tasks such as safety critical instrument checks. For example, the MAT code PIC has been set in the maintenance item for all our safety critical instrument checks. The work order when called will have this MAT and then is the flag to Planners, Cordinators and Managers that this job is more important to the business than the myriad of other priority 3 orders (Priority 3 for us means needs to be completed by a due date).
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I agree with David on the fact that Activity codes listed by Alireza should be used in the notification's activity table and should be set according to the catalog profile(equipment class) linked with the equipment.

MATs does not seem to have a strict purpose in SAP.  And once you figured out notification's activity codes are more usefull in reports, well, I don't really see any other purpose than to segregate orders just like David's team has done.

ISO 14224 in my opinion, does not have any sort of documentation that would be relevant to MATs if you have set activity codes in catalog profiles.

We have not yet tackled this field so far because we don't see a proper use for it.  And among the plants in our company that are running SAP Plant Maintenance, none seems to have a need for it.  Even our consultants didn't have any suggestions that made sense.

It should not repeat whatever's already documented on the notification side or in the work order type or the priority.  It must be an addition to those fields.  How, that is the question we have right now.

So to me, as long as you are properly using catalog profiles in notifications, what you use MATs for is going to be specific to your organization.


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