I’ve been asked to look into setting up a Motor Circuit Analysis and Electrical Signature Analysis program at a pharmaceutical plant. I know enough about electricity to be a danger to myself and mostly like to stay below 24V-everything is usually mechanical-vibration, alignment and the rest.

Anyway, I’m looking for some advice on the best equipment out there with a view to;

  • Reliability of results
  • Effectiveness of tests
  • Good after sales support
  • Good training

Price isn’t too big of a concern, as long as it’s not outrageous. If it does all happen, then I’m assured a sparkie will escort me to put on current/voltage clamps, open MCC doors and basically insure I don’t remove myself from the gene pool.

Anybody got some advice on good equipment out there? I’ve looked into SKF Baker and Alltest Pro, but that’s as far as I’ve got.

As usual, all help appreciated.

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