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I have uploaded a data block in ME Scope and am trying to create M# links to animate my model.

I keep getting an error message that nearly 50 points were not assigned M#'s which kills my animation.

I have uploaded a couple of pictures of the error messages.

I don't really understand this error, as the M#'s in the data block are no different than the ones that work.... not sure what I am doing wrong.

Please help! 




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Well, this brings back some memories.....from what I can recall, there are essentially 3 steps to animate the structure:

1. Draw or import model of structure

2. Import measurement data into a Data Block file or a Shape Table file

3. Assign M#'s in the data block or shape table to the DOF (i.e. points and directions) of the model.

Are you sure you preformed step 3?

If needed, you can always contact Vibrant Technology Tech Support


Jim P



Hey Jim,

Yes... they matched.

I have actually modeled this installation in another ODS software (Clear Motion) before and now that I have an ME Scope license I only modeled a portion of the installation so I actually have more data than I need. By importing that extra data which didn't match any points, it created the error message. Was a good learning experience.

ME Scope software is so powerful.... amazing tool to have. Glad I have a license now.

Thanks and have a good weekend,



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