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Measurement Points on Air-Cooled HE Fans

This is a question to those of you whose plants have air-cooled heat exchangers with fans. A common brand of this type of asset is Hudson's Fin Fans.

What are the vibration measurment points you/your team use for portable analyzer data collection? I'm also interested to hear from you on the access to the bearing housings from the walking level (grating), what do you do to reach the measurement points.

I've attached an example of the fan's layout to refer to and to give an idea about this type of machine for those who are not familiar with it.

Regards- Ali M. Al-Shurafa


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Location of vibration measurement points on fan and motor
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- for the coolers on the top of racks, accessible points are: MOH, MOV, MOA, MIH & MIV

Mobile scaffold arranged on permanent base to get access for all the measurement points.

- for the lube oil coolers of compressors/cooling water coolers of gas turbines, MOH & MOV are the only available ones due to mesh guard configuration.

Fixed scaffold installed on the cooler structure to get access for the fans.

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