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We have a motor in our factory with data : 250 kW, 50 Hz, 380 VD, 4 pole, V6 mounting, DE Bearing is NU319, NDE bearing 7319, with pulley (driving a belt).

After install, I found motor shaft can be pushed ( a liitle bit move). I mean the motor shaft is not fix.

Is it normal for the motor shaft with configuration bearing like our's?

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  The amount of shaft end play is going to be dependent on the fit class of the Angular Contact (thrust) 7319 bearing. A CA fit will have the least shaft end play, a CC fit will have the most. For the 7319, the axial clearances are: CA - .0006" to .0010" CB - .0013" to .0017" CC - .0022" to .0026" The fit class of the bearing is important to know to assess this issue. The 7319 ODE bearing will be the determinant of shaft end play along with any preload applied. 

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