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Hi ,

We are high vibration in vertical motor,

Motor no load test vibration 0.4 mm/sec , with full load vibration increased to 7 mm/sec and oscillating.

Motor electrical noise and 1x vibration changing according the load.

in the spectrum 2x RBPF random noise observed & 1x pole pass frequency side band frequency.

Please find image of the motor high frequency .and please reply that what is main effect in the motor.



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Thanks for the reply.

Based on the data you posted, quote: "We found in the FFT 1X with pole pass frequency side band (amplitude 0.37  mm/sec RMS) in the motor and I zoomed the 90 to 120 order 2xRBPF frequency with 2 line frequency and found 675 cpm(0.375X )side band in the mentioned frequencies." sounds like you may have a rotor with rotor bar problems, if the frequency of these "pole pass" sidebands you are referring to, are equal to the number of poles times the slip frequency of the motor?




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