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Dear Members ,

Here I am informing to all I am facing problem in Air Fin Fan cooler at my working plant (Methanol Company ).

Problem : High vibration was observed at gearbox  .

after replacing new gearbox I take motor solo run reading vibration was observed normal  and during solo run no tripping and also more then 1 hour running no tripping.

 After that inform connect coupling and confirm for test run .

Today I went for test run after 12 min of normal operation motor tripped .

1.Motor and gearbox Overall maximum vibration was 4.5 mm/sec .

2.The high vibration 4.5mm/sec was observed at motor vertical direction . 

3.Motor and gearbox temperature found normal around 45 c

4.Motor Amps @ 70 another fin fan cooler running as a same AMPS .

Motor Running RPM 1140

Out put RPM 224

Motor Kw - 55

So any one suggest me the problem (motor or gearbox )and the cause of tripping .





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I agree with the others as they are asking to specify what signal caused the motor to activate the shutdown. Did the motor trip on high vibration or overload or something else?


If I correctly understood your posts, the trip took place on electrical protection when the motor current activated the overload trip relay. This is odd if an identical sister machine runs at the same current but it does not trip.

Can you confirm my understanding ?


Regards- Ali M. Al-Shurafa 


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