What do you all think about this online interactive electric motor troubleshooting guide flowchart?

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Besides helping to insure you do not overlook something, it also saves downtime time by having symptoms/causes in order of most likely. Do you think it would be used enough if each cause was built out with additional information on how to confirm and repair? 

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I only checked the Motor Vibration selection and found it not to be very useful. I have seen a lot of machine and motor vibration troubleshooting charts over the years, and this simplistic approach is rather limited in use. Perhaps in some way a beginner would find the interactive chart useful.


Thanks Walt. That is what i was referring to when I asked if it would be worth it to, "built out with additional information". From your valuable feedback, I do not know if it would be worth it, to build it out, but am getting a consensus from everyone's feedback. The consensus appears to be, it is not very useful in current state (except for possibly the beginner) and needs built out more just to be of value to a wider audience. My original thought when I had the designers make it, was to link to a relevant course when user reached an end point. Like if it was electrical, link to our motor controls course, if it was vibration link to some vibration course, if it was bearings, link to our bearing lubrication course, etc. etc.

After the feedback, I am currently torn between the two design completion approaches. Guess I will have to let it simmer in my thoughts a little longer. 

Thanks again Walt, much appreciated.

I think it is better to learn the fundamentals and then apply logic to your situation,  rather than trying to learn a flowchart. I also agree that in the heat of battle, a flowchart may in theory be a helpful tool to doublecheck if you might have overlooked something.

There is already a very detailed motor troubleshooting guide freely available here


 …Particularly appendix B - look up the symptom and it suggests particular causes to consider.


Thanks ElectricPete for sharing the manual. More details is what most people commented. It appears most who review, are expecting our particular flow chart to be a replacement for the manual  and/or training. Which is never the case for any flow chart, that is why you always see flowcharts and troubleshooting sections at the end of manuals. Thanks for giving me an idea for popup alert when people first stumble on to the flow chart who may not be as experienced as you. I'll check into adding the following pop up...

"Note: This generic  motor troubleshooting flowchart is for quick reference only. It should not be considered a replacement for complete motor training or specific equipment manual. Once isolating a particular cause, you should refer to the equipment manual should you need more detail."

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