Most can transfer machine details across and that's it, i.e they will rebuild ur database for you in the new software as part of transitioning service.

None can important the history from your own system though, it's commonplace to run both side by side until you have 6 months or so history accumulated in the new system. Many moons ago skf and Rockwell were closely related, sadly all they share now is data collector Chassis(which SKF builds in Scotland)


The database will need to be rebuilt from scratch. There is no method for transfer period. With CSI you need to use the wizard for each machine component in order to properly setup and it is a lengthy setup. Going to SKF aptitude software and the same data collector (AX or GX) will be a learning curve for not much benefit in my opinion. The CSI 2140 is expensive and no better than the 2130 from a handling perspective. The first thing you will notice is that it is heavy and the touchscreen will be turned off as in the real world it causes issues when you bump it on your travels and end up on different screens. Your techs will need to re-learn everything (I have used Pruftechnik, CSI, SKF and Emonitor extensively) and many nice features of Emonitor like easily being able to change settings, alarms etc... will be gone. It's like learning a new language and each system has it's strong and weak points however once you are into a system, I would be hard pressed to change it especially knowing what you have and what you are thinking of changing to. If you need specific information just message me directly. I do not represent any of these companies as a btw.

If you just took some time and someone taught you the real power of Emonitor, you would understand.  All open panes are linked.  Move the cursor in one window and the data changes to that date and time in all windows.  Link a thermographic image into another pane.  Easily set alarms and automatic report writing.  And I believe they are the only software that took the time to build what is needed to do auto diagnostics.  Of course, you need to input dozens of pieces of information about the machine, but that is because that’s what it takes.  I have used CSI, SKF, both softwares utilized by Pruftechnic and CommTest and they all pale in comparison.  The key is that Emonitor utilizes a commercial data base engine and the other products built their own.    As a result, they tend not to be as flexible.  For example, you could name 10 pumps all the same while building a database.  Emonitor doesn’t care.  Then once you have the names from the customer, it’s as easy as ‘rename’ in windows. Highlight and type.

if another user of Emonitor has a machine that you want to include in your database, all they have to do is create a template and email it to you.  In Emonitor, you highlight where you want it and paste it.

as I said, I am a 20 year user, so I am predjudiced, but I have used other packages to compare.

I've had Emonitor for over twenty years and love it.

My problem now is we are stuck with an older version.

We purchased for $2,284.00 an esafe emonitor 3.7 upgrade and down loaded it but they would only give me a serial number for activation of 1 year then I would have to go to 4.0years which locks us into a $22K data collector.

I'm stuck with version 1.3, don't want to change, might get wireless triaxial Acceleromter and  WiSER3x Universal Receiver WiSER 3x Universal 4CH


This is email is from David Wray of Rockwell :



As I recall from our discussion on this back on 4/1, the reason we offered the 1 yr timed-activation for v3.7 (from that 4/1 email copied below) is because we are no longer able to generate ‘production/permanent’ v3.7 activations as they’ve been removed from the production activation generator.  I can still generate them from our internal test activation system, but that system (by design) only provides temporary/timed activations.  As mentioned in the 4/1 email, Pat Carle has authorized me to provide this to you as an exception to our normal process, and will agree to a 1 year extension if still desired when this one expires.  After this, however, you would need to begin using the v4.0 license.


Best Regards,

David Wray"

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