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Problem with the display of the work order table running on a MP2 2000 version.  This is installed on a Windows 7 machine.  No matter what screen resolution that I try, the table is displayed such that there is a vertical scroll bar for the work order list, then one for the whole table, and a third for entire screen.  I can eliminate the whole screen scroll bar, but not the whole table scroll bar.  The problem is when you scroll the work order list, it scrolls the table view down and you are not able to see the tabs.

I can not get the focus on just the work order list within the sub-form of the table view.  One of our data entry associates complains that this is slowing him down to much, since he stays after work from his normal duties to help out with the data entry.

Anyone have this problem?  Any ideas?


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This is an issue with older versions of MP2.

Try closing all other MP2 windows.

 It sounds like your associate is adding Work completion / progress data, try using the Quick Work order update module. Here you enter the Work Order number, rather than scrolling up and down searching. You can enter labor, parts and comments on this screen.

A low cost barcode scanner will eliminate the need to enter the WO No.

Alternatively in the Work order module use MP2's search function to find the work order to be updated.

Here again a barcode scanner will speed up the process.




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