I am looking for a 4 or 8 channel system to monitor a machine for a few hours or days until repairs can be made.  A system that can periodically store spectra/waveform and display a warning/alert based on overall vibration level for the operators.

Greatly appreciate any suggestions.

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There are a few vendors and many users here that could help suggesting possible systems but it can be easier if you give more details about your typical applications.


If I would guess, you are interested in a portable system.


What kind of alarms you need to have from the system? LED/LCD light on the data collector or a DCS signal sent to a control room?


Where is the application? At a hazardous outdoor facility or a safe indoor room?


Do you want the dynamic signals to be displayed during the data collection or you are good with transferring the data to a computer for post processing?


I used the old ADRE from Bently Nevada /GE. It was built primarily for turbo machinery. This system is not usually used for giving alarms for operators, though it could be configured to do so.


Regards- Ali M. Al-Shurafa 

I have an 8-channel IOtech ZonicBook 618e with ezTOMAS software that was good for temporary monitoring using a computer with Windows-7 Pro. The hardware and software are at end of life. It is available new from NI.com and from third party for rent.


There are expensive portable systems available from big-name companies that may or may not be suitable for your technical requirements and budget. Is there a product available from the same vendor as your portable analyzer and software? Familiar/compatible software would be a plus.

I have a 4-channel USB DAQ module that connects to my Lenovo X220 tablet (Win-7 Pro) or to my Surface Pro-5 tablet PC (Win-10 Pro). I prepare application worksheets with DasyLab Pro software. This would be similar to using National Instruments (NI) hardware and LabView or MATLAB software. The out-of-pocket expenses can be a lot less with this approach. Time, skill and experience are needed to get a good working system.

I suggest taking Al-Surafa's advise and provide more information or preferably prepare a specification and budget, then we can help you a lot more.



Thanks for your replies.  You have given me some food for thought.  I am looking for a portable monitoring system.  I work in a paper mill where the need for short term continuous monitoring arises once in a while.  I recently had to do this on one of our boiler FD fans.  I setup my 2130 to take and display overall vibration trend and setup an alarm limit for the operators to monitor overnight.  This setup worked but is very limited.  I do have an ADRE 408 but I do not want to use it for this purpose.  So I guess I am looking for some thing in between.

But like both of you have suggested I need to spend some time researching and developing the specs for what I want.

If the primary user will be an operator from your paper mill, maybe mo need for spectra or waveforms. And because it not a hazardous facility, you would have wider options.


How about simple overall vibration meters that you can mount their sensors on the locations of interest and have the readouts in an accessible location for the operator?

These are relatively cheep analog units with classic dail indicators just similar to the temperature gauges.


Regards- Ali M. Al-Shurafa

Sales alert, here is a product that may work for you, it is not live time monitoring, once a minute is possible, 6 channels, used in some locations on 30 rpm systems




Mr Shurafa,

I would like a system that can be configured to provide a warning/alarm to the operators when condition monitoring folks are not around.  But I also want the system to store data periodically until shutdown for analysis.

Mr Reynolds,

I will check out the info.

Thank you both for you inputs.

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