my commtest vb7 is being reset involuntary

 I have a problem with my VB7 commtest device. I've used it for 5 years but recently it has begun to reset involuntary and repeatedly. It does that till its battery is being discharged. The LED indicator of charging doesn't turn on while the device is being plugged. I changed its battery with our another device but it wasn't rectified, so I think its battery is OK.

i really appreciate any comments or suggestions that can help me to mend my device.



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I have a Vb7 for more than 10 years and I have never had any problem.
I'm afraid of what happens to your Vb7.
I recommend that you consult with your distributor or with a local General Electric technical service.
The site is:

I add the contacts for GE suports.
Please we would like to know the end of your story to know how you resolved.
I hope I've helped!
Raul Rios


Thanks Raul for your recommendations. I proflashed it with its software "Acsent" but it doesn't work. Also because of sanctions of being in Iran we aren't able to sent it to GE company. Could you please give us another solution or any recommendation?




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