Step one of our updating of our product range are now confirmed and working.
It is a 2-plane field or soft balancing machine upgrade kit.
I have used it for like 15-20+ years in various versions but this is the latest and greatest
and w/o competition the best price / performance product currently available.

I have the honor to present the MEBalancer to you.
Software currently running on win PC with wireless Bluetooth data transfer from measurement unit, fully battery operated.
2 accels, tacho and ordinary accessories comprehensive vector plot aka Owl eyes with tracking of progress graphically etc. etc. Static / coupled, all the bells and whistles and proven. 15 pcs of this version are in operation since a more than a full year back at customer, end user use.

Preorders taken, 6-8 weeks delivery currently it may change.

Potential resellers, inquire your demo package within the week to gain a reseller slot.

Keep balancing, keep vibration low. I look forward to discuss further with you.

Vibrationsteknik AB
The Original since 1972 and 1952

olov dot li at vtab dot se Good Vibrations for 40+ years and first vibrometer patented 1956 in US

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