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Hello, I am PM_Detroit. I am the PM Coordinator for a medium sized, tier one automotive supplier in SE Michigan. We specialize in the machining of raw casting for drive train components, servicing automotive manufactures worldwide.

I have decided to join the forums, in hopes to find answers and share knowledge with fellow PMCs.

I hope I am posting in an appropriate thread. Razzer:
A few things I hope to find in the forums are
    Suggestions on creating PM documentation
  • Suggestions on the distribution of those documents
  • Suggestions on recording the data from said documents
  • Suggestions on storing of these documents.

I am currently using ten different Excel spreadsheets to assign, track and record the PM assignments that I assign to our technicians.

Any help is greatly appreciated as I have been put into this new position with no system in place.

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Hi PM_Detroit,

You could try the "Enterprise Asset Management EAM & Computerized Maintenance Management Systems CMMS" Posting Boards, you may find a bit more about PM's there.

To perhaps get a ball rolling...I would ask some questions!
How does your company handle maintenance workflow generally?
CMMS Software?

PM's are but one part of the Maintenance Effort. Most CMMS Software handle PM's better than any Spreadsheet. I ask because if your organization is performing routine and specific maintenance and already has something in place, the PM's should fit right in. If there is no organized [preferably computerized] maintenance program, PM's as standalone are not likely to fully provide to the maintenance needs of a facility.

BTW there are "Free" CMMS Software out there. How good are they? Well, I can't answer that one. Wink

There also is "Free" PM Software...just Google "Free Preventative Maintenance Software"...Like I hinted at above... "Caveat Emptor" Big Grin Razzer

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If your plant does not have a CMMS system to utilize I'd try to make the spread sheets simpler. Perhaps listing all the work orders and then along side place the technicians name so that a check box can be maintained along each work order/PM. It will make for a long spread sheet but everything will be right there to see by scrolling.

Or you can break the work orders down to departments and have each technician listed in columns beside the work orders/PMs again, check boxes for denoting who is doing what.

Since I am not aware of how large your department is, or how many work orders/PM's you're dealing with it is difficult to 'see' a clear best pathway.

We track work orders by priority, and they are assigned to the proper people. The priorities include wether or not the work order requires outage, temporary shut down, emergency (break in) PM, or repair level 1 or 2.

A level 5 priority is an outage or shutdown work order only. A 4 is usually work orders that are not going to affect the plant production in any way and can be done at any time. 3's are PM's. 2's are scheduled one to three weeks out and 1's are emergency/break-in, must-be-fixed-now.

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