New tanker VLCC 318,000 dwt Cargo Oil Pump test time vibrations record

Greetings team members

This is an interesting case of a cargo oil pump on a new VLCC turbine rpm is about 5500 and pump rpm is about 1100. Pump running at 1100 rpm with 13.5 bars discharge pressure pump power is about 3000 cu.m capacity Steam turbine operated.

There are 3 cargo oil pumps running during the capacity testing the pump Axial vibrations found 23.8 mm/s and FFT analysis shows haystacks and rise floor in spectrum.

Attached No.3 pump vibration profiles. other two pumps also showing the similar profile.

Appreciate your feedback and comments on this subject.

This vessel is new and has to survive for 20 years.


Chary TSR



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