For the power plant folks...

Does anyone use Niro rotary atomizers (supplied by B&W and others)?

For those familiar with this machinery, do you have instrumentation (prox probe) measuring the spindle?

Have you ever measured subsynchronous vibration at the spindle? If so, have you ever been able to determine the cause of the subsynchronous vibration.

We have a Niro Type F800 atomizer experiencing vibration close to 20 mils peak-to-peak. Our trip set-point is 20 mils. The point being measured is the spindle itself. Motor vibration is below 2 mils (3600 RPM) and the wheel vibration is below 1 mil (9525 RPM). System 1 spectral data shows that the frequency peak driving this elevated amplitude is at 615 CPM. The planetary gear calculations have been performed and there are no forcing functions close to 615 CPM.
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