we have a big noise in the electrical motor which it drives the lube oil pump.
95 KW, 400 V - 50Hz
Running speed : 2980 CPM 
Bearing roller type: DE & NDE: 6314 /C3
unfortunately we are facing a problem in our software, in fact, we use the screenshot from analyser Oneprod MVP2-2C to analyse the noise.
BPFO = 3.08
BPFI = 4.92
FTF = 0.38
2BSF = 2.05
1. As showning in the attached spectrum, there is a high peak at 281 Hz. 
2. the carrier frequency at 413 Hz modulated by running speed doesn't much with BPFI or their harmonics.
3.The second spectrum has a peak  at 2500 Hz modulated by 100 Hz; it is RBF modulated by 2 x LF ?

any0 1000 Hz RBFtwf help will be appriciedeted


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Sorry for my confusion about your two different posts. In your 2nd spectrum, it looks like rotor bar or stator slot frequency (or harmonic) with modulation sidebands at 100-Hz from 2x line frequency. I assume motor runs on 50-Hz power. Unless the amplitude has changed significantly (>2x), I would not be too concerned. This is a normal pattern.


As mentioned above, the motor runs at 50 Hz. but as you can see that the amplitude is high on these peaks.
What about the first spectrum; there is a peak at 413 Hz modulated by running speed and there is a high peak at 281 Hz, I can't identify the original of the high amp
For 153 Hz, I think it is BPFI.


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