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It is a pre Fluke Infrared Solutions FlexCam Pro with fusion upgrade. We have a 20 and 60 mm lens. I recently recieved my level II certification through Snell infrared. I really like this tool for the instant reward.

I also do ultrasonic inspections, vibration data collection and analysis, both walk around and online monitoring, as well as laser alignment and insitu-balancing. very busy fella most
New images added today 7-27-09.
The new images are of a 400 HP Open Drip Proof motor.
As many as 12 restart attempts were made in less than an hour not confirming one phase conductor was shorted inside the motor's junction box. The motor lead was found to be melted apart. Root cause was chafing of the insulator and subsequant short to ground. This image was taken after all termininations were redone. As can be seen, one motor lead shows significant heating. Add to the heating issue, a 40 AMP phase imbalance @ 40 % load, its apparent this motor is headed for a burn out. Corrective actions will be taken!
New images added today, 3-25-2011. Images are of a fused disconnect feeding a capacitor on a transmission line feeding our plant. Although the temperature is not high, the difference in like components is significant. It would appear the “fuse/disconnect clip is either loose or corroded.


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