does anybody has experience with Non-clogging impeller (sludge pump) vibration limit as i found in ISO 10816-3 the following statement

"For pumps with special impeller for non-clogging or similar operation, higher magnitudes normally can be expected (e. g. up
to 3 mm/s for single-vane impeller)."


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We had a number of non-clogging pumps at our facility. Because these pumps were used to pump "dirty" water/fluids for various applications, they had an open-impeller design. I suspect (only a guess on my part), that they may be more susceptible to higher unbalance loads than other pumps (i.e. closed/shrouded impellers) used for cleaner applications.

I am not aware of any pump specifications that require a more robust design of the casing, bearings, shafting, etc. to accommodate increased loads for non-clogging pumps.

My suggestion is to rely on your trend data and comparison of similar/like machines to dictate your allowable limits


Jim P

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