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Can someone tell me the effects that electrical discharge has on a 2000 hp 1800 rpm motor sleeve bearing oil.  We installed a new motor because of a failed bearing and within 2 weeks, the oil clarity has diminished. We are using a synthetic 46 weight oil  

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If the current passing is severe, it will definitely discolor the oil. In some cases carbon is created.

Have seen dirty cooling tower water passing thru copper tubes cause a jelly like substance to buildup and greatly affect cooling ability of exchanger.

The links also discuss the swap of metal, so depending on materials and their charge, you could be moving tin/lead/copper from motor bearing to the slinger or some other component, temp probe, etc..



Here are some additional resources

How do you know it is electrical current passing thru bearing, could the new bearing be starting to show wear? Is your shaft damaged? Bearing clearance between shaft and bearing too tight?



We use the skf tked1 to check for electrical discharge  It registered  about 49000 pulses in a minute. This is approx 5 times more than other motors tested. This Bearing was checked and installed properly. Just sent out a sample to see the condition of the oil. This motor and bearing isn’t 2 weeks old.  

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