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I am trying to set up an Omnitrend database for running a route.  I have a machine that I have built in another database and I can't figure out how to bring it over to my new database.  When I do, all of the symbols that were in the original database for area, machine train, motor, pump, etc. have all changed into plant symbols with no way to change them.  Also, when the symbols change, the options on the right are not the same.  The symbols necessary to add alarms aren't there because you can't add alarms on the 'plant' level.  Why does this happen?  Also, if I have created a report that I like in one database, I can't find any mechanism to move that report to my new database without completely re-doing it.  Anybody?

Ron Brook

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yes, watched it.  There are things in Omnitrend that are very bothersome and I’m beginning to think it is the fault of using Microsoft Access.  Emonitor is still the best by far, and they use a commercial third party database , like Gupta.  If you change a collection spec, they all change. Could not duplicate that in OT.

I built an alarm band spec in the alarm editor and it looked great. I went back out to look at the data and the RMS bands at the higher frequencies had all shifted!

I’ve arranged for some zoom training to see if it’s just me, but I have my doubts…


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