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We using SAP for Plant Maintenance and Have many yearly PM assets. We come across the situation where many times Yearly PM could not be possible to complete due to equipment not released by operation.

Is there any way to create PM schedule based on any shutdown opportunity arise. Also We cant give any frequency and start date which actually asked by maintenance planner when suggested for opportunity based PM.

Have any of you come across same situation ?




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It appears to me that your production planners have it backwards. Maintenance based on condition monitoring needs to be the lead for production planning. If that can't be done because of the specifics of production (i.e. shut down takes the whole production out) than you need to have to create very fine-tuned PM procedures defined with all resources needed and a realistic time table. Place that within the SAP system in such a way, that whenever a shut-down for a specific part of the system is scheduled by production, the PM (or multiple of them) which has been defined for that specific system shows automatically up and you can determine which one would fit the specifics of the shut down. You need to have all the resources of all the pre-designed PMs ready to be used at any given time though and that makes this version of PM planning expensive. That's the reason why I train the maintenance managers to avoid that as much as possible.

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