November 3, 2006

Dear Valued Customer:

I am pleased to announce that Oracle has acquired SPL WorldGroup. We want to share this exciting news with you and let you know how we anticipate this transaction will benefit you as a valued SPL customer.

With the full backing of Oracle's global scale and resources, SPL employees and products will become the foundation of Oracle's new utilities global business unit. To help ensure a seamless transition, your existing contracts with SPL stay in effect, and all of your existing SPL contacts for support, professional services, and sales remain the same. In the future, should contact information change, we will communicate these changes through normal channels. In addition, our users conference, ENCOMPASS2006, in Orlando from November 5-8th is continuing as planned. Oracle representatives will also be available at the conference to address any questions you may have.

With this acquisition, Oracle plans to meet the unique needs of energy/water services companies and utilities in two ways:

We plan to offer individual best-of-breed utility-specific applications.

We also plan to offer the most complete suite of end-to-end packaged revenue and operations management solutions for utilities.

SPL and Oracle have complementary products with a shared focus that information and adaptive business processes are keys to achieving organizational revenue, cost, and service goals. Oracle plans to continue to not only offer SPL products, but also to accelerate their pace of innovation.

In addition, Oracle plans to combine SPL's solutions for utilities with Oracle's industry leading database, middleware, and enterprise applications. We anticipate that the combination will provide many key benefits:

Advanced insight and care of your customers. A combined SPL and Oracle solution is expected to provide a real-time 360-degree view of your end-use customers that will help enable improved service and reduced cost.

Improved revenue and operations management. The integrated SPL and Oracle solution should help you avoid revenue leakage across end-to-end transactions and increase visibility and auditability of key business processes. It will help you proactively manage enterprise operations, cost effectively bill for services and utilize best practices, enhancing your ability to meet your goals.

Industry needs addressed in a dynamic environment. By combining the talents of both organizations, we will be better able to address evolving utility needs and effectively respond to trends that are driving the demand for customer-centric, cost-effective solutions.
Improved service and competitive advantage. Our combined solutions will help facilitate the transformation of utility operations to leading edge infrastructure.

Protection of investments. Oracle plans to support and continue to advance SPL applications as the revenue and operations management standards for utilities for the combined companies. This includes further development of the Customer Care & Billing, Mobile Workforce Management, Outage and Distribution Management, Enterprise Asset Management, and Enterprise Business Intelligence products, in addition to our integrated product suite architecture.
Low total cost of ownership. Backed by a single global vendor, customers will have access to proven best-in-class utility management solutions combined with comprehensive, world-class capabilities in applications and technology infrastructure. Customers will benefit from Oracle's global 24x7 distribution and support network, with the backing of 7,000 support service personnel, 14,000 software developers, and access to more than 17,700 partners. This is expected to reduce total cost of ownership while satisfying needs for an integrated platform that supports varied business processes, services, markets, and geographies.

SPL and Oracle are committed to supporting our customers, which include many of the most successful companies in the world. We are excited about this acquisition and how it will accelerate innovation in the energy and water services industries. SPL representatives will be reaching out to you to answer any questions you might have. More information can be found at

Thank you.

Larry Hagewood
General Manager – Designate,
Oracle Utilities Global Business Unit
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