I would monitor the "Post About All Other CMMs/EAM Software" and check for an increase of discussions on the same software. Then, decide on a target number for the descision to open a new board or not.

For example, if from 41 discussions in the actual "other CMMS" board, 15 are around the same CMMS (or EAM) then It may be time to segregate them.
How many are required to be enough? Confused
Looking at the posted discussions the next CMMS to earn its own board would be JDE (if the rule of "most mentioned CMMS" is valid. The poll I started did not gained as many replies than I thought.

Maybe other way to decide if another dedicated CMMS message board would be on number of installations or licenses sold; but for them you may have to check benchmarks published in trade magazines. Anyway, besides SAP R/3, Maximo and Datastream; who are the top sellers CMMS around?
Maybe you would like develop some kind of KPI for boards descisions creation and maintenance. for example:
* after X number of discussions on same topic(ultrasound, motor testing, JDE CMMS) the topic earns the right of a individual board?
* Once created, a board is maintained if generates Y number of new discussions per month?

But then, what to do with a board that gets "inactive" after created? Send the discussions back to the "Other ..." board?
As I understand it there are a number of Oracle variants:
1. Oracle e-Business Suite
2. Oracle Enterprise
3. Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne (not the same as JD Edwards??)
I'm interested in Number 3 as our company alredy has implemented the financials and HR. Are there any end-users of that one?
My company uses EnterpriseOne for our CMMS. I would like to benchmark with others using this product. Originally, our company was going to use EnterpriseOne for our ERP system, but then we switched directions and went with SAP. We in the maintenance group are still not sure if the company plans to put us on SAP PM or if we will remain using EnterpriseOne for the long term. We've been using it close to 3 years now. I really disliked it at first, but have grown with it.
We are beginning the Oracle EAM implementation right now. We will use it for all our CMMS needs. I have a system called Maintimizer which will be phased out since our business is highly integrated with Oracle systems globally. I plan on needing a lot of custom screens programmed to get what I want, but that should not be a problem since we have several Oracle programmers on staff.

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